Harput Dibek


Ürün İhracatı ve Yurt Dışı Franchise Sistemi

  1. Franchisee submits registration documents and activity certificate of the company as well as all information such as sqm, location and environment of the potential field which planned to build "Harput Dibek" to the franchisor.
  2. Franchisor examines the field and in case appropriate, prepares a turn-key project offer to build including lead time and payment terms after check all documents out.
  3. Franchisee obtaines all necessary permits and licences from the government and presents all the conditions of country to franchisor with other documents.
  4. Franchisor offers the costs of upfront payment and ongoing royalty fees according to business model.
  5. Both sides negotiate all terms and conditions and if agreed, franchisor prepares the franchising agreement according to benchmarks mentioned below 3rd additional matter.
  6. In case agreement is signed and all payments are arranged, franchisor sends design project of the field to the franchisee and starts the production process.
  7. Franchisor delivers the construction goods with furnishings and decorations of the place as well as a foreman and starts to build the project.
  8. Once the project is completed, franchisor delivers consuming goods and other products such as cooking machine, glassware, service etc. and a supervisor to make employees of franchisee qualified.
  9. Franchisor finishes the final checks, installs software of stock tracking system and joins the grand opening ceremony.
  10. Franchisor delivers consuming goods at certain intervals such as 3 or 6 months, depending on the availability of stock and the requirements of the franchisee.
  11. Franchisee reinvests the capital back into business over time to make improvements and modernize, according to innovations announced by the franchisor.


* If there is a distributor in the franchisee's country, the whole process will be managed by distributor.

** Recommended floor space of the field for coffee shops should be at least 150sqm.

*** In addition to matter 5, the franchisor prefers to arrange the aggrement later than the first matters of the franchising process, rather than the beginning of the process, due to conditions depending on many benchmarks such as area, location, suitability, licences, business model, conformity and permits.

If you are planning to sell Harput Dibek products in your own country or if you want to be our franchise investor, you can contact us.


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